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Four for 2014


I suck at sticking to new year’s resolutions. I always get to mid February or March, hit a bump in the road, and then write off the resolution for the rest of the year. It’s probably a mix of laziness and a lack of will power; alongside more interesting things to do instead, such as drinking and playing computer games.

This year I am going to try a different approach. Rather than one or two big resolutions, I’m going to have four areas for improvement. It won’t matter if I miss a day here or there, but I want to be able to look back on the majority of 2014 and say that I made progress.

The four areas are:

  1. Be healthier:
    • Eat less sugary and fatty things;
    • Drink less alcohol and sodas;
    • Start running again;
    • Start general strength training (weights, sit-ups, press-ups, etc.);
    • Secret;
  2. Be sensible with money:
    • Spend less money on computer games;
    • Spend less money on other frivolities (eg. drinking);
    • Pay off credit card and other debts;
  3. Work smarter and harder (both at work and home):
    • Take more photos and make more blog posts);
    • Revisit and complete some of the long-overdue projects;
  4. Put a bit more effort in at home:
    • Take out bins more often;
    • Fill dish washer more often;
    • Secret;
    • Secret;

Coincidentally, the list in whole is 14 items. Anyway, roll on 2014.

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